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  Helix-HX beauty supplements (faster hair growth vitamins, and anti aging vitamin supplements) are enriched with the purest, highest quality ingredients to ensure your body is getting essential nutrition to reduce skin wrinkles, and promote faster long hair growth. Models and actresses use Helix-HX to stimulate fast hair growth, and reduce wrinkles and so can you!
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Betsy Batt,
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Helix hair supplements will make hair grow up to 2X faster! The Advanced MicroHelioPeptide™ Protein Blend is specifically designed for longer hair and faster growing hair. You will not find this special formula in any other competing brand! 

Fast Hair Growth Vitamin Supplements

Longer, Sexy Hair FAST!
  • Strong, Healthy Long Hair FAST! - Less Breakage - Striking, Shiny look
  • Special herbal formula with Vitamins, Minerals, and MicroHelioPeptides™ to promote fast growing, great looking longer hair!

Fine, Thinning Hair Vitamin Supplements

Stops thinning hair, and promotes healthy hair growth

We are currently developing one of the most advanced anti-thinning hair vitamins supplements available.

For those dealing with fine, thinning hair our special blend of vital hair nutrients will restore your confidence and transform your life!

Anti Wrinkle, Younger Skin Vitamin Supplements

Smoother skin with less wrinkles

If you want to reduce wrinkles, look younger, and prevent skin damage the only choice is Helix Skin anti aging vitamins.  Helix Skin care supplements reign supreme in fighting the effects of aging skin!  With powerful antioxidants, including OPC and Acai Berry, it’s no wonder the obvious choice is Helix anti wrinkle skin supplements!  

Compare us to other brands and you see that Helix-HX is the only choice for a more beautiful you. Experience longer, faster growing hair and youthful, healthier skin with Helix Hair vitamins supplements for hair growth.